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Last updated: 27th September 2021

CAD, CAM & CNC Training

Training Program on CNC Milling Machine Operation

Economic growth & employment of a country mostly depend on hi-tech manufacturing capability of that country. To be a developed country there is no alternative of producing import substitute spare parts, die-mold & machinery. All over the world, manual machine tools are replacing with advanced CNC technology. Spare parts of Automobile, machinery & die mold of plastic industry are producing through using of this technology. CNC Milling machine is an important machine tool which are using for multi purposes. In Bangladesh, some Hi-tech & small manufacturing industry are introducing these technologies in their facility which is growing day by day but there is a shortage of skilled manpower in this field. For creating skilled manpower in this sector PP & PDC of BCSIR has started a training program on CNC Milling Machine and have a plan of starting training on another CNC machine as soon as possible.
The minimum requirement is S.S.C pass but preferable is technical background student from TSC, polytechnic institute. It is also helpful for teacher of TTC, TSC & polytechnic institute for teaching their student. Small factory owner, manager, new entrepreneur and B.Sc engineering graduate of mechanical, Industrial & Production Engineering (IPE) department are welcome for their better understanding.
Course Content
The following functions will be taught practically both in CNC simulator & in CNC Milling machine.
  • Introduction: Simulator Layout, Machine basic requirement and checkpoint, Power on & off, Emergency stop, Reset & power up.,
  • Operating mode: Hand jog manual/auto function, MDI, List program, spindle rotation Cycle start & hold, data transfer between machine memory & USB device. ,
  • Tool & Work Set-up: Tool offset & work Co-ordinate offset measure, ATC function, and coolant on & Off.,
  • Programming structure & execution: Programming sequence code & axes, execution of programs in single block/auto mode, override key function, function of a single block, optional stop, dry run, block delete etc.
  • Editing: Creating a new program by using insert, alter, delete & undo keys, creating block sequence number throughout the program, program copy and paste in between program, searching & replace function.
  • Graphic simulation: We can see the programmed tool path/graph without table & spindle movement prior to actual cutting.
  • VQC & Canned cycles explanation: Explanation of VQC templates in MDI mode & it’s application, facing, drilling, pocketing etc. will be shown. Important optional codes for quick & advance programming.
  • Help and calculator: Use of help function, calculator & other option in need.
  • Mold Cutting: Finally, practical demonstration of a mold cutting will be shown.
Learning Outcome
After successful completion of training a trainee will be capable to run a CNC machine by his own. It will enhance their possibility of being an entrepreneur & job placement. Teaching, Managerial & supervising confidence will be grown-up.
Resource Person
Highly qualified (Foreign trained, certified & professional) tutor will conduct the session.


Registration Procedure for CNC Milling Operation Training

Download the registration form for CNC Milling Operation Training program. Follow this steps for ensure your participation.

  1. Simply download the registration form (Word Format)
  2. Fill it up with required information and photo
  3. Sent it to corresponding personnel along with the registration fees to complete the registration process
CNC & CAM- Registration Form CNC & CAM- Registration Form