Pilot Plant and Process Development Centre, BCSIR Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh
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Last updated: 2nd September 2019

PLC & HMI Training

PLC & HMI Training for Industrial Automation

Industrial automation is an inalienable part of any modern industry. Still, expertise growth in this sector is almost minimal, which is a concern for our economy and industries. Because of low expertise, our industries require a foreign consultant for basic industrial automation. There is an opportunity to nullify this trend by creating skilled manpower of our own. PP & PDC, BCSIR an organization of Ministry of Science and Technology has been providing a comprehensible training program in “PLC & HMI FOR INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION”. This program has been planned and modified to equip engineers/technician with industrial expertise.
Engineers, Scientists, Maintenance managers/supervisors working in production/ manufacturing/ chemical process plants like power plant, paper mills, textile mills, sugar mills, water treatment plant, food processing plant, steam generation plant, different chemical process plant, and almost all of the industrial plant. Managers working in the marketing of industrial automation instruments, designing of automation systems can be benefited from this program. The job seekers want to develop a career in this field must be benefited. Basic electrical knowledge is essential for participating in this program.
Course Content
1. Industrial application and interfacing of various switch and sensor.
2. Description and designing of Control Circuits using followings
  • Contactor,
  • Relays,
  • SSR,
  • Solenoid valve,
  • Temperature controller,
  • Timers,
  • Counters etc.
3. Electrical wiring
  • DOL
  • Star-Delta
  • Reverse-Forward
4. Switchgear and control.
5. Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers
  •  Architecture of PLC
  •  PLC Interfacing
  •  Fundamental PLC Programming
  •  Advanced PLC Programming
  •  Programming Practices
  •  Practical handwork on PLC and HMI project
6. Various Motor and their Control 
  • Induction Motor
  • Servo Motor
  • Stepper Motor
  • VFD
  • Soft Starter
7. Human Machine Interface
  • Different types of operator Interfaces, Textual, graphical.
  • Wiring Practice of HMI
  • Data Handling With HMI
  • Configuration and Interfacing to PLC and PC.

8. Practical training on various machinery existing in the premises.


Download the registration form for PLC & HMI training program. Follow this steps for ensure your participation.

  1. Simply download the registration form (Word Format)
  2. Fill it up with required information and photo
  3. Send it to corresponding personnel along with the registration fees to complete the registration process
PLC & HMI Training-Registration Form PLC & HMI Training-Registration Form

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